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Frank Cook wrote:
tracy wolcott wrote:
I was more referring to sourcing an entire gallery from a directory instead of coding a specific line of code per image.

It may be that the following is not what is in mind, but if
1. what is wanted is just a responsive page of pictures of all shapes and sizes,
2. one is content for them to be displayed at the same width, and
3. one wants to load them from a directory in one go, rather than individually,
then the following, which uses SD4 in Windows, may be of interest.

(a) I create a container with a pixel-width set in the multi-column layout section;
(b) from Windows Explorer I select the pictures and drag them into that container;;
(c) I click Done (or choose other settings), and SD4 does the rest.

No doubt those who are CSS Grid experts will find better ways of doing this, but this is remarkably quick and easy, as shown in this screen-cast.


That's the way to do it Frank, and one can create a folder (s) prior to inserting the images so for example for
a gallery page with thumbnails, with a reveal slideshow
I create a folder in resources named "gallery images" (for example) in that folder I create a subfolder named "thumbs" my images have already been prepared and the folders are on my desktop (just for ease of use)

set up the canvas as you describe
open resources and select the thumbs folders
open file explorer and drag the thumbnail images into the "Container",
The images go into the container and the thumbnail folder in resources

then select the folder "gallery images" open file explorer and the folder on the desktop with the larger images, select all & drag then to the resources gallery images file,, wham in the go
each image can then be set up individually to open the corresponding reveal.
now yes it's true one needs set up each reveal individually (although that can be made easier by simply "duplicating" the reveal container changing the image & the ID
as you say once one is used to doing it, this is a quick & fairly simple way to get images into SD

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Thanks, Wayan.

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I may ask for some more walk-through on this, Wayan. I'm currently back in Turkey selling a flat, but with poor internet connection again. I was able to replicate Frank's solution, and will try yours. Good ideas you have, guys!
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I do it this way,,, code below is for illustration only, not the actual code

Instead of coding this
<div id="main" role="main">
<section class="slider">
<div class="flexslider" style="direction:rtl">
<ul class="slides">
<img src="images/kitchen_adventurer_cheesecake_brownie.jpg" />
<img src="images/kitchen_adventurer_lemon.jpg" />
<img src="images/kitchen_adventurer_donut.jpg" />
<img src="images/kitchen_adventurer_caramel.jpg" />

I use PHP to read thru a directory (in this case \images) and dynamically create the html on the fly until EOF (or max that I want to allow). That way my clients can ftp new photos' at will (or use any upload function I allow) and a simple browser refresh will pick them up. Makes the client self sufficient

Was looking for an image gallery that had that built in so I didn't need the php overhead

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