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I'm proceeding with building our website and noticed that the page name on the preview tab does not match the page. What I did was design the most plain page of our website and then to get the other pages I duplicated it and renamed them in "Manage Project" as I worked on them. This gives me a working header and footer that I do not need to change much, just the main body of the page is changed with each page. Earlier today while I was previewing the page I was working on I noticed that the page still had the name of the original page showing in the tab. The address has the correct page name in it.
Will it correct itself when the website is exported and live? Or should I have not duplicated the page as I did? Or is there something else I need to do?
I'm attaching a screenshot of the preview. It shows what I'm talking about. The tab shows "ronpradetto.com_FAQ", which was the original page that was duplicated, while the page is actually "Sports" and the address is: file:///C:/Users/Pradetto/AppData/Local/Responsive%20Site%20Designer/cache/7160/preview/sports.html .
The first page that was duplicated and renamed is showing up correctly as ronpradetto.com_weddings.
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If I'm understanding you right, click on the settings button of the page that you want to change and change the title of page.

Hope that help.:)
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Thanks, That did help:). If I knew to do that I forgot.

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