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I actually was going to use this on a site for an off-canvas mega menu kind of thing, but since I won't be able to get to what you want for a while what you can try is use the off canvas part, but change the class position-right to position-top
Then for the menu try putting the dropdown menu in it: or try that with the accordion menu which would still work.

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I was trying to save the below menus as components and was advised to put them in a single row to do so, but I am not able to do this after several tries, doubtless due to my own operator error. Would it take you long to put the following into one row so it can be converted to a component?
Or would the following be easier?
In any case, if I cannot get this to work I will probably just try to save the menu as a template and carry on accordingly. A component would be nice to have though.

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Well the final version of those is on Step by Step and that is in a row to be made into a component. This is an older post so I think I changed a few things, can't remember now... but one of them was getting it into a row.
Ingers site has a tutorial on making the component too if that will come in handy? That link is on there as well.

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I'm afraid I will have to update that, it was written before some of the latest features in RSD, RBB and RFF were added. But For now, my first priority will be to get an 80 cm thick layer of snow down from my roof before it cracks.But I'll get back to that tutorial...
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