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I recently purchased the $349 package deal and quickly became lost on how design a website. I've done it before with another program out of the UK. It worked very well, customers would compliment me on the design and flow of the website. Then the internet changed to responsive designs and I was left out of the loop. I opened the program and soon realized this might be outside my knowledge base. What I want to know is there videos I can watch or book that would help me along? I'm so lost at this point, I've become discouraged with designing my own website, even though I love doing it!
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Hi, You've got a bunch of programmes there, and I would advise you to get familiar with one at the time, not everything at once.
I would suggest starting with Site Designer, because that is the actual site builder. Open this link: https://www.coffeecup.com/help/articles … d-builder/ , read the text and try coding along with the videos. That is a good start.
When you open Site Designer and click on Help, you will find a User Guide, which is also very useful.
Then you have this forum. We are nice people, and if you get stuck, just holler! ;)
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You can also find lots of useful tutorials on Coffeecups YouTube channel:

Taking over the world one website at a time!

Steve Kolish

YouTube Channel:
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL8qVv … ttneYaMSJA
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I have to say that I agree with you Dave. The general presentation is too bitty, too oriented towards marketing and really doesn't help a newbie very much. There is no natural flow to using SD 3 and this makes it very confusing.
I am well up to speed with HTML 4 and CSS, but am finding that SD 3 is taking me too long to learn to use it in any meaningful way.Not really the reason I bought it for.
Sorry if this bursts the CC bubble a bit, but I really need to get my site reworked and I'm rapidly regretting this purchase.
Dave Hickman
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Hi Dave,
I don't see another Dave that you seem to reply to, not in this thread anyways.
Try the steps I recommended to TrueRacer above here. If you really get stuck, we are a devoted lot here who can help, so don't give up too soon. It's a good thing that you know your way around coding. With SD3 you won't need to write code very much, but understaning it is vital. BTW, we are on HTML5 and CSS3 now.
When you have gone through the exercises I mentioned in my previous post, it should all get a bit clearer. If you then post a link to your current site, along with some idea about what you want to do, someone here will be able to help you getting started, rely on that! :)

Don't worry about 'bursting the CC bubble'. Most of us have been there (I certainly have), but we've got the hang of it eventually.
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Hi Dave,

Forgot HTML4 and CSS2 this is the past.
Think only in HTML5/CSS3/JS/jQuery and Containers
You can replace the structure: container - row - column (in bootstrap configuration) into containers only in SD3. I Think that SD3 support the Float Grid Layout.


<container-grid container-1>
<container-grid row>
<container-grid column>
</container-grid column>
</container-grid row>
</container-grid container-1>

You are free to construct your own structure of your grid with flexbox layout or flexgrid layout

Kind regards

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