I Don't Want All Pages to End in .HTML

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I am using RSD and every created page name ends in .html (i.e., mywebsite.com/about.html) but I don't want the .html included. Ideally, someone would be able to just type mywebsite.com/about into their browser. I cannot seem to figure out how to do this - any help would be appreciated.
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That is not something you can do with RSD. For a page to appear at mywebsite.com/about that means you need a folder called "about" and inside of that folder a page called index.html.

The best way to accomplish that is with .htaccess instead.

http://alexcican.com/post/how-to-remove … -htaccess/
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Thank you!
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I would advise against having a folder for each page in order to have them all as index.html. I'm maintaining such a site for someone, and every time I have to have a couple of those index files open at the same time, it's very confusing knowing which is which at all times. I have happened to do some overwriting more than once.
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