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This thread is concerned with the setting in RSD of attribute values for a class and (regular, hover etc.) state, so that these settings in the main.css file override the (default) settings in other CSS files created by RSD. The question is how one restores such settings made in RSD back to their default values. Using the circular arrow, as mentioned by Scott, will achieve this by removing from the main.css file all the attributes set there for that class and state. Curtis hopes to remove the value setting of just one of several such attributes whose values have been manually set in RSD..

It seems to me that manually putting that one attribute value back to its default setting in RSD has two effects as found by Curtis -
1. a redundant setting in the main.css file, and
2. a blue line continuing to appear against that value setting in the Design panel.
Unless good reason is shown for a different treatment, I would suggest such a manual restoration of the default value and ignoring as trivial the persisting blue line and redundant setting in the main.css file.

If one has forgotten the default value for that attribute of that element, this can, of course, easily be discovered by temporarily creating a blank page and inserting that element in a column.


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