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Simple question really but I just cant find the answer having downloaded the Flex them. Its as zip file with two folders _MACOSX and Flux-Theme. As I'm Windows I guess I can ignore that. I the Flux Theme folder there's and HTML Files folder and an RSD Folder which contains just the Flux-Theme.rsd file

How do I install it? There's no ReadMe file with instructions. There's no installer program. So what am I meant to do?

There are the following folders:

C>Users>Me>Documents>CoffeeCup Software>Responsive Site Designer>layouts
C>Users>Me>Documents>CoffeeCup Software>Responsive Site Designer>Themes
C>Users>Me>Documents>CoffeeCup Software>Responsive Site Designer>Themes>My Themes

I guess if there was an installer it might use this folder
C>Program Files>CoffeeCup Software>Responsive Site Designer>

So how do I install my theme please?

Thank you

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Julian, it's a bit confusing when you are talking about RSD when all your previous posts are concerned with SDv3. Into which of them do you want to import a theme?
If SDv3, open the themes folder and see top right two buttons: 'Get more themes' and 'Import theme'. If you have already bought, downloaded and unzipped your theme, then select Import theme, browse to it and then double click it.
As far as RSD gores, I have never actually 'imported' a theme. What I have done is, when I have an open file and want to have that as a theme, I select from the File menu 'Save as theme'.
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