got a "mock-up" but confused about where to start, help?

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got a mock-up from another, basic, builder program, but am confused about where to start.
Be grateful for any help people could offer.
This is just a start, several things need to be added, have available BB/RCS, trial version of RSD, still to decide about the latter.
This is to be a responsive, and content-updated version of a flat site, videos available, currently stored in the cloud, where people can access them via links provided.
Have used s-stream blog in the past but "resource people" haven't been responsive to requests, so far.
Basic search utility from FreeFind "should" fit in, but ... (trouble fitting it in using other program).
see mock-up here

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I see that your Mobirise mock-up is based on Bootstrap. In that case I think it would be the easiest to use RBB to get it into something else than a mockup.

I think what I would have done, would be:
Print out the source code of your mock-up, so that you can have it in front of you (unless you have two monitors and can work on one while looking at the other).
Start building in RBB, with the normal setup of rows, columns etc, and look at the classes/IDs given to them, and do the same in RBB. Also the same attributes or transitions.
Check if there are js or css files in Mobirise that are not included in Bootstrap by default. Copy and add them to your rbb project.

Something like that. I have built some components for RSD, both for Bootstrap and Foundation, which I have found on their respective home pages, and the above describes how I did it.
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My new honey site, built with RFF:
Component sharing for RSD, RFF and RBB:

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thanks, I can more easily read, understand, copy and adjust the code that way, especially in a more modern code editor -- I find Atom particularly good -- but it makes me feel kinda silly to have bought the programs in the first place though.

Can't be long till CC puts the Editor "out to pasture" and just makes a plug-in for the likes of Atom in their other apps, Lord knows they've been saying they need better tools for it -- they wouldn't be the first to do so -- Mobirise badly needs to do it, theirs is poor quality; Pinegrow has already gone down that path. The passing of an era -- been playing with editors for 20 years, just not as a business, and one does get "rusty".

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