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I would grateful if could direct me how to use the element Form Container and Element Input (Radio Button Drop down and etc) in RSD , Tutorial would be helpful
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Hello Kishore
Simply place the form element into a container/column wherever it is on the page you want the form to appear.

you can add any other element like headers (H1 etx) /text or paragraph .

for the actual form bits, I like to first insert a container (so that I can control the widths of the input fields if necessary) then in that container I place a label (optional) & an input field (choose any from the drop down menu as appropriate)
then another container in the form fields & repeat placing different input elements until the form is populated.
Styling is up to you after that, background colour/gradient etc for the form/labels etc/

just open a new rsd project insert the form container into the column,, & play around with it for an hour or so. try it out then once you have got the hang of it, simply delete that project (or save it as a test sample) then you can go ahead & do it on your real project


ps you do realise that the form will not work without you doing some of the server site stuff with php etc after your project has been exported
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Thanks for your help

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