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I have a small problem with the flex in the IE browser, the text does not degrade see image
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project http://schilder-vanveen.nl/House styling nieuw.rsd
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Ger, I haven't had a look at Flexbox in RSD, so don't have an answer for you.
In Firefox, there's white space to the left of the photo and to the right of the paragraphs.
In IE11, I'm seeing a horizontal scroll bar under the photo and paragraphs (and no white space on the sides).
Do you have a width or max-width set for that section?
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The 'CoffeeCup Guide to DESIGNING WITH FLEXBOX' automatically appears if one goes to File > New in the RSD beta. In the section entitled 'Manipulating the flex layout' it says the following: "I also added a max-width. In theory this would not be needed since the margin takes care of it all… Unfortunately, there’s a bug in IE where paragraph text in a flex-container does not wrap. The max-width is used to battle the issue."

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hi paintbrush and frank cook thanks for your response, I had this problem before with flexbox if I wrote one myself html and css in an editor.

After reading what Frank told, I've changed settings.
First I had width 100% i changed it to auto.
flexbox for block 1 is now.
alihn self stretch. flex grow 1, flex shrink 1, flex base 0, auto off
flexbox for block 2 is now.
alihn self stretch. flex grow 3, flex shrink 1, flex base 0, auto off
So I now understand that it is better for IE to determine the width of the institution flexbox flex grow.

These settings work in IE

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