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Whatever standards there may be for web browsers, we will, of course, just have to try to accommodate as many as we can of the browsers that are widely used by the public, whether or not those browsers meet such standards. My thoughts are therefore as follows.

(a) The 'Preview on ...' button automatically picks up in its list the browsers one has installed in Windows: I was pleasantly surprised it picked up the little-known Midori.
(b) Those who have multi-page RSD projects (some of my RSD projects have about 70 pages) would probably, like me, want the ability to use 'Preview on ...' for just a quick preview (in whatever browser we select) of the current page, rather than waiting for the loading of all 70 pages when the 'Preview on ...' button is clicked.
(c) Perhaps therefore a separate button, like the 'Preview on ...' button, called 'Preview page on ...' would be useful for us both, and perhaps for a large number of RSD users.

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You'd think it would be written with visual C++ and go to the MS engine in a windows PC using the IE text engine, but that's just the gist I got from our engineers. This could be different.

The thing I'm looking at is the HTML dom so containers and images are objects using the element node aren't they? Flex is proportioning the objects so preview inside RSD should be the same for images and containers, as it does for almost all the browsers when it goes to them with preview in.

With that basic thinking it's a RSD bug, but I only know enough to be dangerous.

Anyway you slap in a boat load of containers and it works, you just get a larger build but it's processed so quickly on most broadband downloads it's not too noticeable anyway. A good tip is to just keep checking with a browser preview.
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I didn't know RSD was supposed to pick up installed browsers. Its not seeing the Edge browser on my system.
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BIll G wrote:
I didn't know RSD was supposed to pick up installed browsers. Its not seeing the Edge browser on my system.

Edge will not appear as Microsoft does not really have an EXE for that. Also, Edge does not allow a local open of any file for security reasons. You can still access IE 11.
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