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Does RSD come with Bootstrap and where do I look? I have read many posts and it seems like it is confusing for someone to find bootstrap options with Breakpoints showing. Any suggestions please as to where I can find Bootstrap?
The other question which I have not been able to find an answer on is the standard px width for portrait phone, landscape phone and for tablet landscape sizes .. can you please advise. Have a nice day. bruceo
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Hi Bruce,

Responsive Layout Maker Pro offers Bootstrap 2 and the powers that be in Coffeecup have suggested that bootstrap 3 is on their to do list for RLMP.

Responsive Site Designer works with the Coffeegrinder framework. I haven't seen a statement that their intention is to add Bootstrap to the options in RSD.

Bottom line - not sure they ever will add bootstrap to RSD since the Coffeegrinder framework offers a comparable development framework for most purposes, and there are aspects of the wysiwyg design scheme that I would imagine become at least of an order more difficult when trying to support multiple frameworks.

Not sure why anybody would care what specific framework is behind the curtain as long as you accomplish what you wish to? Another inherent problem with working with a 3rd party framework is that changes somebody else makes to their framework code, could break your front end designer application. And this could take place with scant, if any, warning.

The Coffeegrinder seems to be a comparable framework and the benefits of being able to insert the text and see the layout with graphics and text in place, at least for me, are a substantial benefit. I have both packages, have developed some sites with both and for speed of development and being able to make design decisions on the fly - RSD wins hands down.

The reason you cannot find std px widths for the devices is - there aren't any safe assumptions.

I have an Android cell phone that does landscape 1280x720 px on an ips display and that is within 80px heighth of matching a very common tablet or small notebook.screen size (1280x800); and the phone sells new for under $200.

I have a 4 year old Samsung Focus smart phone that is 320x640 which is now the smallest screen I consider to be worth testing for. There was a time when that or slightly larger, was a typical smart phone screen.

With phones rivaling tablet res, tablets rivaling desktop res and desktops coming out with 4 times the pixel count of 1080p - I think assuming the device has gone bye-bye. We have to make our own decision about what resolutions we are going to use as our benchmarks and think in terms of viewports.

I set up a desktop screen design with no break points, work with a 12 span column assuming a nominal width per span of 100px (1200 px total) and work inwards, setting breakpoints and making adjustments at whatever points stuff starts overflowing or unpleasantly wrapping.

Hope this helps - take everything I've said with a grain or two of salt because I'm just a fellow user, at barely an intermediate level, of the products. As the saying goes, the more I know, the less I know for sure!

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