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Hi Cc
I have data-animate slide-in-down & slide-out-up for a drop down menu.
This works fine.
I wanted to have this fading in and out as well as slidingbut can’t figure that out any ideas please. I can’t find ways of multiple tasks.
Thanks T.
So we’re all good then : )

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Since fade-in and fade-out are just changes in opacity, have you tried applying a transition with the amount of duration needed ?
Break on through to the other side

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Hi Twinstream
Thanks for the reply
Didn't have any luck with the transition. Obviously need the transition for a smooth slide in and out...
I cant see how that would change the opacity at the same time as its a transition only?
Not sure if you got what i was trying to get at before...
I've attached the file, (its just a mock up to get started etc) you will see the slide in and out. What i wanted was to have it fading in and fading out at the same time.
So we’re all good then : )

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