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adrian horn wrote:
Hi Alter Eagle
I have had a look at your dropdown menu tutorial and it is brilliant and very detailed . however i noticed it is for foundation i have made this site in bootstrap and not sure if this would apply .do you think i could use this to apply it to bootstrap or not as you can see ive still got a lot to learn . Thanks Wayan for your offer of taking a look with dropbox this maybe a possible way to go i will have to get a dropbox account sorted .

Regards Adrian

On the main container that holds the new button link and sub container remove the left and right padding of 15 px.
Then change the margin also on the main container left and right "auto" to "px" and set values to 0.
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Here is just the menu with the added dropdown button. I did start over on the styling since you probably would want a class to just control the text for all the buttons. I deleted the navlinks and dropdown classes and then added a class named text to all the button links. That way you can grey out the navlinks or dropdown after they are added back in and still just edit all the text styles for the menu.
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Alter Eagle wrote:
.... Wayan is the best though, I'm sure he'll get you fixed up, you have to appreciate how much he puts into helping out so many users here....

I couldn't agree more. This man has donated hours and hours supporting me and won't take a cent for doing it. He is truly amazing with his knowledge base and willingness to share.

I sure hope CC look after (its many) members like Wayan who spend much of their own time helping other members get familiar with CC products.

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