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Good morning all

Just been looking at the RSD sneak peek pages (accessed via and just had a question about best practice as opposed to the software itself.

My question is relating to the navigation more than anything else as I noticed that when you resize the window to mobile size, the navigation options reduce from
    The Review(s)
    Home of taste
    Beach vibes
    Our StoryThis Design

to just
    The beach
    About Us

I was just wondering and trying to understand for my own benefit what the reasoning / best practice is for removing 3 of the menu items?

Thanks and all the best

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Good observation and interesting question!

The theme was mainly made to show some of the capabilities of Responsive Site Designer, in this case hiding/showing elements over breakpoints. Initially the idea was to hide all items and show a new 'MENU' button that would link to a replicated navigation in the footer.

Thinking about it now, that probably would have been better :P
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Thanks for the quick reply Bob.

It was more curiousity as to if there was a reasoning in RWD prinicples that made you do it that way. I am always struggling with the best way to deliver the navigation side of things especially if there's a need for more than 1 nav set on a page.

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