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Finally a program that makes website design fun once again. Kudos to the developers. For anyone that doesn't have the program, what are you waiting for? Get it!
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I just got home from the day job and found the email about the updates.

I just finished up a site that was build using RLM and I really need to do one for my own business.

Hmmmmm, wonder what I should use? I got pretty heavy into Wordpress but I think I'm going back to HTML until we get (hope, hope) RLM for Wordpress. So I guess it's RLM again!

I just shared the site I rebuilt that was made in the late 1990's with some clients that have websites from the same designer. They don't want to change their sites. I'm betting after they see the new site they all want to change theirs. Now I just have to figure out how much to charge for a great responsive site total redesign. :D

They may have to wait until I get my site up and rebuilt. :)

And, for new people coming in here, this is by far the best forum I have ever been involved with. Period.
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RLMP is a fantastic product. I'm still learning how to use it and the more i do, the more i realise it's great potential for modern web development. Thanks CoffeeCup.

The attached pic is of my home-brewed coffee, placed under a screenshot of your RLMP page. Both are fab! :)

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I've downloaded the latest update and it really is brilliant; border control on elements including images, the ability to enter full text and there's probably more stuff I haven't even found yet. I haven't been so happy since the cat was rescued after being stuck up a telegraph pole. Mind you, that was over 40 years ago so I have been that happy since then, once or twice. :D
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Using the incredible Responsive Layout Maker for the layout work on some of my websites that are currently undergoing a serious overhaul. Stunned by the simplicity and power at my fingertips, as I'm no hard core coder. This really puts designers back in the driver's seat!
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What more can I add to the comments already here? The way I build sites has changed dramatically in the short time I've used RLM, even with sites that don't necessarily need it.

Has definitely helped make my life better by letting me make better sites in less time. Am showing it off to a few friends and so on as well (what, you think I want to risk my clients or competitors seeing how easy it is to do this stuff now? :P )

(Er, have I said enough to qualify for the T-shirt? ;) )

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Doug Coughler said what I was just thinking. I'm all the time finding new things I can do with RLM. Just as important, Coffeecup is attentive and responsive to their users. Bravo Coffeecup!
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