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A Format Painter would be very helpful so that we can quickly copy the font, size, style etc of a previously created Element to a new element.
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Might be late to the party but two suggestions based on the Beta:

1. Search & Replace or other functionality to append all URLs with Google Campaign URL Builder

This is one of the most time-consuming parts of preparing a newsletter for me, it’d be nice to add the links and append them or even replace previous campaign URLs/overwrite previous ones.

2. Extend the HREF/URL field character limit by several characters. When I have a URL with Google Campaign URLs at the end of the URL, a small percentage of them wouldn’t fit in the field and I had to use a URL shortener, which is not ideal. I believe this was for image links but I’m unsure, it may be all.
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Hi -- a couple of suggestions to smooth out Export workflow:

1. Please name the exported email the same name as the RED file ( -> welcome.html)
2. Is a folder necessary? There's only one file and I have to move it and delete the now empty folder.
3. Do I really need the modal window after each export? How about a "do not show this again" checkbox?
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My feature requests
1. Paragraph elements. Ability to adjust spacing between paragraphs.
2. For unordered lists. Ability to change the list type (circle, square, etc.) to the same color as the text in the list items.
3. Background images. Incorporate this method into your background image process.
4. Special/custom. Ability to add custom css to the <head> within the app (like you can in RSD). This could interact with the custom html element in RED.
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Another request adding on to my previous list:

For text, headings & paragraph elements. When in text edit mode and editing a selected piece of a sentence, it would be nice to be able to change the word-break behavior. Example: would grow based on a custom field populating from data and thus it may stretch this string to beyond the bounds of the table. Currently, I have to hack the code with a "word-break: break-all;" in the email.
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I would like to endorse another user's request to allow curly brackets in the Href. I am putting the html into a CRM that does field merging using curly brackets and I have no other options but to use that format. Eventually I can get them to stay with tinkering, but it would be better to allow the users to decide if they want the characters to auto-convert.
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Just a little add to this.

I have not upgraded to Red 2.Wiill not go down the subscription route. Will just have to do without I'm afraid. Very bad choice by Coffee Cup to take this route. Just for the record I don't use adobe products either because of this process. Bought alternative to their products. I fear many will do the same with Coffee cup products. Thankfully at the moment the other products are not on subscriptions. If that changes they will be going as well.

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Someone has mentioned this somewhere, but RED really needs to offer different font-size variations. I should be able to choose between px, pt, em, rem, percent and vw.

Of course I can always export and tweak in an html editor, but now I'm dealing with two apps instead of just one.
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Gregory Ledger wrote:
Someone has mentioned this somewhere, but RED really needs to offer different font-size variations. I should be able to choose between px, pt, em, rem, percent and vw.

Will email apps (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.) recognize all those variations?
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A few things I would love added to Responsive Email Designer.

1. The ability to add/use custom web fonts from s-drive or an external server.

2. Connect "List" through I use another provider for my websites. Currently with the other provider I'm able to connect the form fills to Google sheets and then upload them into my List. What would be even better, is if when a received a form fill on those sites it could be automated to fill into a desired list I have on Responsive Email Designer.

3. Email Analytics. In my opinion Responsive Email Designer is the best piece of software for building awesome emails. My only issue is that there is no way to monitor the success rate of these campaigns. Email continues to be the #1 ROI source of advertising. Having an Analytics Dashboard built inside the application would be fantastic. I would love to see spam rate, open rate, link clicks, and campaign connections to Google Analytics.

4. Promotion Cards. Gmail is testing promotion cards for email, it would be great If we could add them.

5.Video. Recently I came across this article talking about Video in Email. It would be great to add this type of component Element in Responsive Email Designer. Ideally I would connect the video like I would connect an online image link with the ability to add thumbnails for email clients that didn't support video, and also supply another link for that user to view the video on the web. … _in_email/

Just a few thoughts...

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