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Hey [[firstname]]...

What's For Business Today?

After looking at some of your social media profiles we ventured to guess that it may be another solid dose of problems to solve. Right? 
Meanwhile, I'll be working with a few seasoned Organisational Change, Business Transformation and Strategy professionals to establish an online forum for business professionals like you. 
In our mind's eye we imagine a secure, quality-focused and members-only site that's professionally managed, free from meaningless bloat, and specifically designed to help our respective professional service practices move forward profitably and at pace.
We imagine this site to become a truly meaningful meeting place for best-of-breed management consultants, information technology specialists, business leaders and senior executives who want to develop serious business networks locally and around the globe.
After months of hard work we're now ready to launch the fruits of our efforts...with a challenge...

This Is YOUR Invitation!

Now that we're almost done with all the necessary technical and design stuff it's time for us to turn to professionals like you to start spicing things up a bit, and this is where we're hoping that you will come to our party....
We decided to challenge small groups of organisational change, business transformation and strategy experts monthly to post their most vexing, out-of-box and thought-provoking business questions at our online forum. 
In exchange, we will search for professionals who may be able to provide best and most original answers. Think creatives, artists, economists, doctors, teachers, astronauts, law enforcement officers, taxi drivers, roading engineers, pilots, politicians and philantropists. We could go on but we're sure you're getting the picture...  
Here, creativity must rule, and ingenuity should reign. 
Our question to you is now: 

Are You Up For This Challenge?

If so: 
Think of one or two business questions that will provoke some serious, deep and hard thinking across our member community
Complete the free-of-charge, two-minute registration process to establish a personalised account; then,
Login to access your Personal Messages [one will be waiting for you]
Navigate to the given url to post your question(s) in a new thread; then,
Sit back and relax while others will be grinding their teeth on whatever you may have thrown at them..
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The Not-So-Small Print You're Expecting...

As usual, simple is best: 
This involves a two-minute, free-of-charge registration process to personalise your posts and interactions;
Your contact details will NOT be shared with anyone else;
No one will hassle you with commercial offers or proposals;
We hate SPAM probably more than you do, so don't even mention it;
Feel free to embed your site's url in your post to steal our traffic;
You may discontinue the use of our network whenever you want, no questions asked; and,
We promise to keep things clean, tidy and professional at all times for you.

Questions? Share them with us...

If this email intrigues you but you're not sure about what we're on about, click the link below to get to our Contact Us page. We'll aim to respond within 24-hours to allow for time zone differences.