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Will it ever be possible to have multiple sessions of one service in Places? I have 2 Google Drive accounts and I would like to be able to see both within the Places application.
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I just purchased Places and it is great! Sure, as you add additional cloud storage services, it becomes more useful.

One simple suggestion, given how useful it is for storage, and that it can run from a flash drive, could you add the ability to add simple links to web sites? By doing that, not only would Places give you a common tool to connect and access account specific storage, but also a common "Place" to simply connect to commonly used web pages. Maybe have a section for the web links like you have for FTP or Cloud services.
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Alas, Places is not available for use on Linux. I get tired of doing the remote file integration dance among various Windows and Linux systems. I'd buy a Windows / Linux-capable version of Places in a heart beat. Places only for Windows systems is not so useful to me.
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I was disappointed to see that Pogoplug was not a viable "place" yet, and would not mind seeing iDrive available either. I think perhaps you oversell Places when you advertise "Connect to everything" and "Unite all your online places". While one can connect a number of popular sites/services, the list hardly encompasses "everything". I'd give you 10/10 for concept and 5/10 for truth in advertising at this point.
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I will cast a vote for Evernote to be added.
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A connection to iCloud would make a lot of sense, just saying!
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Pogoplug .. one of the least expensive personal cloud services also.
SOS as another suggestion since there's so many don't use I-Phoot. ;)
I'm hoping to be able to use Places soon.
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I'm loving Places. It solves a problem I didn't even realize I had until I saw the program; now I can't imagine not having all my online storage tied together like this. Thanks for creating it!

The one thing I'd like to see: Support for high-resolution displays. I'm using a Surface Pro 4, and the text in Places is all a wee bit fuzzy.

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