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Thanks for creating this tool.

Would you please consider adding & to your list of services?


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Rene Simons wrote:

In the section with the FTP Profiles, I only see IP-addresses. I would like to see e.g. "HUMAX 5050C" or "Freecom Silverstore NAS" a.k.a. the description of the ip-address address.

If someone hasn't already mentioned this, edit your FTP Place and click the link that says "Show Advanced Settings." You will see a place for profile name. Type the name you want to appear in that box and you will see the easy to read name in your Places list.
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Add support for WebDAV
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I recently bought Places and absolutely love it. I've used FileZilla in the past, but I really like the features of Places better. I think it has already been mentioned, but as far as enhancements to the software, I would really like to see you add the Amazon S3 account to the list of places. I use my Amazon S3 account to host large video files and it would be great to use this tool for that.

Thanks for all the Great software. I've been a devoted customer for many, many years.

Best Regards,
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I downloaded the trial version of Places and must say that I've been very impressed so far - so much so that I've actually purchased the full version. Being able carry it around on a pen drive will be incredibly useful for the type of work that I do.

It would be good if a future release could include the ability to connect to both Bitcasa and Revel, if this is possible.

Keep up the good work!



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I'm putting in a vote for Evernote :)
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Adding adobe's Creative Cloud shared files would be huge.
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I use a service called Dropshots which is not on your list for Places. Please consider adding other services, including Dropshots.
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I agree with Webmaster about S-Drive. Seems a bit of a misstep not to include it in the initial release.
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Google+, and especially Google+ photos would be really useful...

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