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First, I will say that love this. I have been looking for this very thing on and off for at least a year now. There are problems of running multiple clients of file synching applications. Everyone has their favorite, and to stay in the loop one must connect to many of these services. It's a drain on system resources, it clogs the pipes. The various OS clients mostly range in quality from just OK to horrible. They all suck more than their fair share of resources even if you have plenty to spare. At times any one of them can grind my workflow to a halt. Therefore, having something that could manage the connections is (imho) mandatory.

So, since I'm on a Mac I have not tried or purchased Places. I did, however, drool over the fancy landing page from the email and wished I could find a hidden "Mac Beta" or "Mac Trial". It is weird that I saw your email about "Places" the very day after I installed a trial from another company. To be fair, I tried this trial on a previous version and cannot remember why I didn't pull the trigger on it. Again my system ground to a halt on startup while all the poorly written desktop clients fought with each other over my processor and pipe. So I am trying it again. I didn't know if it was appropriate to post this on your website. But in fairness you do not have a mac version. I certainly won't mention any URLs but I will mention the products. This particular problem has vexed me for quite some time and I have been hoping a solution would eventually present itself.

Mac Solution
So the solution I am currently using is called WebDrive for Mac. It also requires a system extension called MacFUSE (seems to be open-source). Although if you just install WebDrive it will include a process for dealing with not having MacFUSE. It's pretty clean and of single purpose: it mounts various server shares including several cloud servers as volumes. It doesn't clog up nearly as many system resources as running multiple sync clients. The main reason for this is that it doesn't really sync. Because it is mounted as a volume, you can open and save things as a volume. I think there's an actual back-up utility included as well. Also, the app doesn't need to run to maintain the mount. Once the mounts are established, the app can go away (thats really the best part). One can open the app to configure the settings (like cache size) and establish "mount-points" (dropbox, Google Drive)

If you had a mac version I would certainly try it. I have lots of your products. I like them all. Thanks for listening to my rant. I really like what you guys do, and I wish you all the best. Please let me know if you ever consider a mac version. I would love to give it a try.
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Hmmmm.... I wonder if the underlying reason for Places (universality!) may someday be the tidal force that drags CC into the *nix world. (Linux, Unix, MAC OS, Android etc.) Hope so. I'm tired of running Windows in a Linux virtual machine just so I can use CC's HTML Editor and related products.

Yes, using CC's products is the ONLY reason I still run Windows, now that I can run QuickBooks over the Web.

And that is my rant. Not a new one, either.
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I would agree that this would be great for OS X, but currently it is only a Windows based program.
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I have to agree I love coffee cup but windows not so much. Looking forward to the day when there are more cc apps for mac
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I would also like to see a Mac version.

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