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I love the program and it makes my life alot easier! But the only thing that I would love is the option to be able to change the names of the photos when adding them with the add folder option. Kinda like a batch process where you can tell it what to name the photo and it adds a numeric value afterwards ( ie.. Christmas01, Christmas02 etc...)It kinda becomes a little crazy renaming each picture before adding it to a already existing gallery of albums because all the pictures go into the same folder and are not seperated by folders or anything else.
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Which CC prog are you talking about? There are more than one renaming images...
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I have tried to use PixConverter to simply rename my photos. I set the size to no change. The quality to 100% and the color depth is set to not change. I would expect that nothing would happen other than a change of name. However, the file size changes drastically. What is really happening? I sometimes just want to batch change the names of files.
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There is a glitch with PixConverter. CoffeeCup knows. The program overwrites the original of the first in every batch (or if you just do one at a time, it'll overwrite each one). It will do this EVEN IF YOU CANCEL THE OPERATION. If you don't make a back-up copy first, you'll forever lose the resolution on your original.

Personally, I believe CoffeeCup should put out an alert until it's fixed. They disagree.

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Yes I agree I think with CC knowing this problem exist they are creating a liability for their company & a possible negative reputation. All the terms & disclaimers in the world don't let you out of Gross negligence.

Just think about someone that took their wedding pics & used it without realizing that pixconverter is permanently changing the images.

I did find a way for this not to happen though. If you know what you want & you don't rename & don't preview the image PixConverter doesn't seem to change the source file. I really believe the reason it doesn't is I don't use the preview option anymore.

I have now used it for over 5,000 images converted to 7 different sizes sucessfully Great little stable program just has a major bug IMO. I also ran approximately 2,000 images at one time with out a crash.
Everyone has an opinion & this is just mine sorry if it offends anyone.

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