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I just downloaded the free trial of the PixConverter. It looks exactly like what I want to organize my pictures. I did a sample thumbnail page. When I click to upload now it pulls up my files off of my server. Then it tells me to upoad files here and it says the upload is completed. I just can't find the page. Am I suppose to do something else before my page shows up or what am I doing wrong? If it helps, my home page is www.goddardcowboys.com and I named the thumbnail page TestPictures2.


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I have now figured out that even though it claims to be going to my website, none of the files are listed in my file manager. I'm assuming at this point that I am entering information wrong. Any suggestions?

Also, when it does upload, is the web page going to be www.goddardcowboys.com/TestPictures2.html ?


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You might want to click on profile and change your forum name to something other than your email address. This is a public forum, and spammers are always looking for valid email addresses.

Did you change any of the default settings? If not, then the program will save using lower case, so the file would be testpictures2.html.

Did you enter your FTP settings, or were the settings used from another CoffeeCup program?

When you clicked on upload, did anything happen? You should have seen a directory of your website, and the ability to select a specific directory to use for this html file. I selected a directory that was named ccphotos, and uploaded to that.

The resulting upload actually creates a simple photo gallery.

Do you have a separate FTP program? If so, use it to check your site for the html file.

Let us know how we can help.

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Thanks. I guess I didn't realize it was showing my email address.

Did you change any of the default settings? NO

Did you enter your FTP settings, or were the settings used from another CoffeeCup program? I entered my own FTP settings. The only other CoffeeCup program I use is VSDesigner

When you clicked on upload, did anything happen? I was able to see my directory and choose where to place my files. It always says it is successful.

Do you have a separate FTP program? I have gotten onto my cpanel and looked under file manager and I have also looked at my files through Secure WebDisk. The files aren't showing up on either. This is why I am assuming that I have entered info wrong in the FTP settings. I have emailed my hosting company and they made some suggestions but it still isn't uploading.


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I was just able to use FileZilla to upload the files created in PixConverter and it pulled up the sample photo site I did. ( www.goddardcowboys.com/goddard/samplepics.html ) Now, if I could just figure out how to do it straight through PixConverter!

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I think you set the FTP settings wrong, or entered something else wrong.

Go to your thumbnail page, click on home, and you will attempt to go to http://www.goddardcowboys.com/goddard/w … wboys.com.

Check your settings, and let us know what they are (other than your password), and also same information from Filezilla, and we can try to see what is wrong.

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The first time I loaded my page the home button didn't work but once I tried it again it is working. This is the information that I am using in the FTP boxes:

Name of the Server Profile: SamplePics
Web Server Address: goddardcowboys.com
Username: goddard
Password: *****
Passive Mode: Checked
Port: 21 (web host also had me try 20)
Initial Remote Directory: public_html
Firewall: none
Comment: none

According to the web hosting company this should work.

For Filezilla I entered:

Host: goddardcowboys.com
Servertype: FTP
Logontype: normal
User: goddard
Password: **********

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Well the information looks good to me. You have what I have except, my site does not have me use the public_html entry. I know the program will work, since I actually used it to see if I could do the built-in FTP. I actually did not have to enter any FTP information since the program got what it needed from CoffeeCup Direct FTP (which I frequently use).

Do you have an HTML editor? If so, look at your samplepics.html file on line 9, you will see this:

<p align="center"><a href="www.goddardcowboys.com">Home</a>&nbsp; This is a relative URL, and will be read as if you had entered:
<p align="center"><a href="http://www.goddardcowboys.com/www.goddardcowboys.com">Home</a>&nbsp;

That will cause trouble for some visitors. I suggest you edit that information by adding http:// so it reads:

<p align="center"><a href="http://www.goddardcowboys.com">Home</a>&nbsp;

The Pix Converter does not save your data, but if you select a folder that just has a few photos, it will not take long to create a page and upload the files. That way, you can test the FTP just by using the same folder and uploading as sample1, the sample2, etc.

When you are in the upload phase, click on the FTP log tab and see if there are any error messages that might help

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