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I have noted several of the problems w/ the pixconverter software and have done a search on anyone else having problems w/ it changing the color of the images.

Things we do know:
1) it does occasionally permanently change the original image to the new dimensions w/ watermark, if applicable - unable to recover original image unless it has been saved elsewhere first (which I do now).

2) image quality is not good. period. quality is not good in photo gallery either, but the pixconverter gallery allows a full page of images that will be watermarked and link to a larger image - i need this feature for my clients.

New thing that I know now...
3) i am now seeing color and lighting changes from the original photos in the gallery. an example is here … RAMER.html , note the color of her lips then click on the image to see the larger image and actual color.

When will professional images become priority for Coffee Cup?

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Oh, and we also know that we cannot watermark and make html gallery at once, but, rather, in 2 separate steps...unless i am really missing something.

Quality images seriously need to become a priority, pls!

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I agree with you christopher in regards to image quality. This is why I typically use the program to convert my various backgrounds, and sometimes solid banners in order to make them load faster. I think it is intended more for that, than to optimize complicated graphics.
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that's fine if it works for you, but they are meant for photos (at least that's how they are advertised):

from the pix converter description:
"Optimize your digital photos for Flickr, your Website, e-mail, posting on auction sites, and lots more. CoffeeCup PixConverter is the easy way to batch convert your digital photos for all your online needs. Add photos one by one or convert an entire folder! You can watermark your photos with text and graphics. There is even a snazzy thumbnail maker built in for creating Web photo albums in a snap! The best part is that with the built-in FTP upload, you can easily put your photos and thumbnail pages on your Website with just one click!"

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ugh. CC, please help. my galleries are looking worse and worse. the color and lighting discrepancies are really affecting the clients' overall perception of the photos, and I have to give each client an apology before sending them to their gallery :-(

my newest gallery: … STUMP.html

i know CC can help with guys are geniuses!
thanks in advance,

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