Thank you! Now it's time to vote. -...

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I voted everywhere too
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done :)
Volunteering to help :)
My HTML play area
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"Best Windows Web Editor".... it's a bit unfair when they call Serif WebPlus and Xara Web Designer... "web editors" because they're not. For me, Xara is right up there with Coffeecup, I use it all the time but try opening an HTML or PHP file in it and it ain't gonna happen... they are not web editors in that sense of the word. Conversely you can open the output of either in Coffeecup HTML Editor.
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Been there, done that! :D
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Done Both way out front :D
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And the votes are in...

CoffeeCup HTML Editor Named 2011 Windows Web Editor of the Year … sign_4.htm

...and the Color Schemer wins, too: … igners.htm

I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by. (Douglas Adams)

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