Useless without sub-submenus.

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I was very excited to hear about the new menubuilder, and bought it right away.

Now - to my amazement - I'm discovering it'll only make submenus, not sub-submenus (etc).

So it's all but useless for what I want it for.

Worth waiting for this feature, or better to get a refund now?

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I think you should wait. Given time, it'll only get better! Besides, I think I read another post that Scott replied to for another user asking the same thing. I'm pretty sure he said that feature was in the works. :cool:
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Thanks, GS.

Scott - any ideas how long this might take?
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Hi guys!
I have the same problem--I expected it would be easy with the Menu Builder to include sub-submenus; unfortunately, even with the latest version installed last week, this feature does not appear to be there. Has anyone of you been able to find a way around this limitation?
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I also assumed this would be available - especially since in the app it sort of shows sub-submenus. It is not really a ready for prime time product without this. SO...

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