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Well I started over. I don't know what was going on with the other file. Anyway, unfortunately MB does not really "center" things properly. It has HUGE button sizes in order to compensate for one button being longer. And if you adjust any of them manually, it no longer centers them. Argh.

The only solution I have found is to make all the buttons the same length. So now I have "Home", "About", and "Music". It's not the way the the owner of the site wants it. He would prefer "Recordings/Sheet Music" for the last one, but there's just no way to get them properly aligned at this point. It would help if you could have a 2nd line of words on a button, but you can't with MB. Maybe that will come with an update down the road....

Thanks for the help....if you have any other suggestions in the meantime, I'm still listening!

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Hi Tanya,

Did you know you can adjust the width of each menu item individually? Instead of selecting All menu buttons just select the ones you want to change.

I usually start off with all my buttons the same width of equal portions. To make the math easy lets say you have 5 menu choices. I would make all the buttons 20%. Then if I ran into a problem with spacing I would adjust. lets say i have these for choices:

Home | Services | In Home Cleaning | Contact | Recordings/Sheet Music

Obviously you would run into spacing issues if you never adjusted anything. If you made all the buttons really large to account for the longer names then you would have huge spaces between Home, Services and Contact and the other choices would be squished together.

Here is how I would solve it. I would look at what menu items and determine which I can take space away from then systematically add that space I minus'd to each one of the longer names until they were visually appealing.

For example in case above. I would minus 5% Width from Home and Services and add 5% to each In Home Cleaning and Recording/Sheet Music. See how it looks then if still not good i would take away 4% from Contact and add 2% to each of the longer names. I would continue this cycle until all menu choices were spaced evenly.

Hope this helps/makes sense.
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