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First off these problem appear in all browsers.

1. Built an entire custom menu (see screen shots) then when I added one more button to the drop-down the whole thing reverted to the theme. ???!!!!! And YES I had saved it. The saved copy reverted also. ???

2. How do I add a side-drop-down menu to the submenu items such as (see screen shots) ??? You can do that with every other menu system I've worked with.

3. Why don't you put the "Menu" "All Menus" buttons on the main Menu Builder menu bar next to the "Export" button. You have lots of room. Instead you have to Right Click over the menu itselfs. Also why do I have to reset the damned thing at every turn, seems that could be added to preferences that you want "All Menus" all the time unless you change it.

4. Why or Why would you use Control C to save when the rest of the world uses Control S ?

5. Why no Active Preview without saving the menu to a website or server? That's a pain and I have several other menu makers and all of them allow preview with one click in a browser.

6. How in heck do you change the "Default browser???"

7 Why is "Settings" greyed out??

8 and finally, why have you not developed more videos demonstrating this software.

Frankly, not impressed at this point.
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Hi David, I'll see if I can answer some of these for you.
Please keep in mind, I'm just a user like you. This forum is for users to help users, it is not cc support although many of the support staff do drop in. If you are really stumped, you'll need to open a ticket in 'your support room'. Just select your name at the top and scroll down to 'Your Support Room'.

First, let me ask what version and build number of the Menu Builder are you using?

1. no idea
2. you cannot. You can only have sub-menus at this time. You cannot design a menu with more than 1 layer of sub-menus. cc does have plans to change this in the future.
3. You do not have to 'right click' over the menu bar to get 'All Menus'. Once you select 'Design' off the top bar, you can look to the right and select Menu with a drop down. Make your selection and it should stay there until you change it to something else. Works for me anyway.
4. This one, I' don't know. We'll have to punt that one to cc support.
5. What do you mean 'no active preview'? When I make changes to my menus, I see the immediate changes in the view window right there in the program. It's instant and always there.
6. The Default Browser is set on your computer. Has nothing to do with this program.
7. Settings I may be wrong about but I seem to remember that they put that in there for some future expansion that still has not been added.
8. Takes time to make videos. Most of the videos on the CC Youtube page were done by users, not by CC. There are plenty of help files and tips on the CC website, and lots of users can help you with problem areas. just ask. Lots of friendly folks around here. Let us know what your specific problem is and someone can probably help you solve it. They may even make you a video!

Sorry that you're not impressed. Lots of users are! The only draw back that most of don't like is the menu depth. Wish we could get the option to add more layers of sub-menus. I'm sure CC will here are pleas and satisfy us in the ( near ) future.

Bottom line, just post a question with what you're having a problem with and someone will help you find the answer.
If your problem is with 'how' the program is acting ( such as changing themes for no reason ) then you'll have to open a support ticket and ask CC support directly. You'll get a much faster answer that way.
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The only thing I can think of to add is Ctrl P (Windoze) allows me to select any of the browsers I have available. Your point on Ctrl C (Windoze) instead of Ctrl S (Windoze) will prolly be fixed soon and is valid. I too am surprised at the limitations of this particular bit of software but I read somewhere in these forums they are actively working on bringing this app up to speed. I look forward to the day this app is as capable as most of the others. These folks do a very fine job support wise and I for one am impressed with the organization and the software. I'll work with it for now while they bring it up to speed.

One of the ways I am overcoming the limitations is building unique relevant menus in my sub pages. I am stacking the home page menu under an additional services button in the sub page menus. In this manner I never loose site wide navigation and my sub pages menus are relevant to the products and services for that area of the site. At the moment it's a work in progress and not public.
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