Menu Builder does not save settings...

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I've had the same problem, so I know your frustration. It's previously been reported along with the export issue that causes issues when you have 2 menus on a page. They previously said an update was coming. I just found it easier to start the menus from scratch if I had to make changes because there was no rhyme or reason to what saved and what didn't.
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Angie, just curious here ... are you also running Win7 64 bit. ? If so, are you also running other CC software along with Menu Builder ( I think loudorn said he was running HTML Editor ) ? Just wondering if that may be causing a conflict. As with Steve, I have never seen this problem. I also run Win7 64 bit. But I don't run other software at the same time. Just thinking out loud here but please let us know. Maybe we can track this down. Thanks.
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Hello Gunsmoke,
When I am using MB I usually have my HTML editor open as well as FileZilla.
I would think there should be no issue with having multiple programs active at the same time.

Just as an exercise of observation I changed my options to view the hidden system folders.
I'll attach a screen shot of the folder structure that is created when running MB.

I drilled down into C:/Program Files.../appdata/temp folder which is normally hidden from view.
I Manually cleaned all the data out of the /temp folder.
I then open multiple programs and watched what appeared/was created there.
Maybe a directory or 2 by a few programs.
I manually cleaned that data out and then opened CCHtml editor, it created nothing in the temp folder.
Then I opened MB and created the screen print file that shows the structure it created in the temp folder.
It creates and dumps quite a bit of data in there.
If the MB program is constantly writing data to this file structure in the temp folder as you do live editing that is a lot of data moving around.
Outside of Skype it creates more data in the /temp folder then any other program I have opened.

This is just another side observation.
32 bit programs that are installed in Windows7 64 usually get installed to
C:/Program Files (x86)/.. 64 bit programs get installed to c:/Program Files/...
MB is 32 bit and installs to c:/Program Files/... by default which is not the usual protocol.
It may not affect functionality, it is just an observation.

Attaches is the jpg screen print that depicts the /appdata/temp/mb file structure created when the program was started (as administrator).
I hope this helps some how as I love the program but it I'm trying to figure out the issues it is having for me at the moment. Apparently I am a 1% er in regards to this issue:D
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Gunsmoke. . . I'm running windows 8. Sometimes I do have other coffeecup programs open as I am flipping through multiple tasks. I've just told my "clients" that I can't make little changes easily because it often means having to recreate the entire menu. My support ticket said that things were fixed in version 2 which was due out in the next month (end of July ticket). End of October I checked, and there is currently no ETA on this update or offer of a beta version.

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Yes, I face the same issue with Coffee Menu-Builder-Full-1.5.0056.
I have made 4 menus of the 4 menus 3 has failed to save. So far the only pleasure I get from re-doing these are that I get better at using the menu builder.
here the rub. I bought this to save me time. so far tho, I have to make a menu, finish it and use it all in the same session or else I loose all my work. I am running at a loss!
I worked on an intricate menu for about 4 or 5 hours, "after hours", because of loosing so much time due to this error, till very late last night, after 23:00.
I incrementally pressed save thru out almost every addition styling. (maybe hundreds of times)
This morning it was all gone. again. what a waste

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