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Scott many thanks......Looks like Menu Builder will not work again for me. I got this far but it's drop down will not push the next item down, I thank you all for the help so far. Maybe someone can recommend software to me that will do this.
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Scott I was able to complete the menu in Dreamweaver and code, after hours of trying to get the Menu Builder to work I had to give up.
I think Menu Builder is a decent tool but the limits of what it can do should be posted before someone buys it.
Just a simple drop down accordion menu should be easy.

Thanks for help Sir
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Well, let's see ( bit of a rant here ... sorry ) what's Dreamweaver cost ?? Month after month after month ...

First, well, I am sorry you couldn't get the desired effect that you wanted from Menu Builder. Did you try out the free trial? Did you ask before purchasing? These are things you should do before purchasing any software. And don't feel bad, not many users take advantage of the trials and forum. But they should.

Yes, there is more CCs Menu Builder could do. But, please keep in mind 2 things ... how many users there are out in the cosmos, and what it costs for the program! If you tried to develop a menu builder with all the features everyone wants ( there'd be a lot! ) then the program would be bloated and slow and cost an arm and a leg. Maybe 2 legs!

At some point you've just got to go with what works for the majority and at a cost most users are willing to pay. If you want all the bells and whistles, by all means go and pay for them. But for me personally, I think the CCs Menu Builder is an outstanding utility for the cost! And no, I do not work for CoffeeCup. I just love the products!

Not to mention that CCs Menu Builder produces 'responsive' menus as well as standard. Does Dreamweaver? I'm not familiar with Dreamweaver. Just curious.

Anyway, end of rant. I am glad you got something to work for you though. In the long run, that's what counts. Cudos to Scott for hanging in there with you.! Good chap!!
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