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For some reason, I get a line directly above the mobile menu button.
I added an icon, but that doesn't seem to be the cause. The line appears whether I'm using an icon, text, or both. I've set all of the borders I can find to None and the background to transparent. The color above the line in the screenshot is padding.

Any ideas on how to get rid of this line?
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Hard to tell without seeing the actual page, but could it be a shadow?
Check the settings under borders and corners.
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Paintbrush is right, happened to me a while ago,, the shadow default has a 1 px for some reason, but normally the default colour is white, so you dont see it until it goes onto a coloured background.

As far as your other question I can't seem to emulate the problem you are experiencing, so can't really help with that one

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Thank you! It was a shadow! I thought I had found all the border/shadow options, but I missed one.

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