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Hi guys

Just wondering if the fix mentioned in this statement http://prntscr.com/723fkv found at the bottom of this article http://www.coffeecup.com/help/articles/ … to-a-page/ had been done yet?


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not sure if this query may have been overlooked ?
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The fix has not been released yet, and there is no ETA. I had been told late July that it was hopefully in the next month. In October it was a high priority, but no ETA. And there is still no ETA.
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Hi Angie,

I think their focus is on rsd and rlmp right now. I too am looking forward to this update. One thing you probably don't know is they are actually a very small staff probably less then 10, so they are working around the clock to get these killer apps complete for us. Not to mention all the time they put into support!

To be honest I am amazed every day on the amount of work they get accomplished each day! We just have to be patient they will get to it. ;)
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