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So I've created a menu. Apparently the MB screen only goes to about 900 px so my buttons move down to the next line. I made them smaller (~15%) to fit them all on one line. I have 6 buttons. I've uploaded the files to my server and I copied the html into the "html element" on the test page I'm using. My first question is: it says to copy html to the header (Step 1) but there's already code in the header. Where do I add it exactly in RSD?

This is what it currently looks like on my test page (I've kept my old menu for now...just added the new one on top):


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I realized one mistake. I did add the header info to the testpage and it looks ok now. I guess I didn't have to make it that small. I will try to make it larger.

But I still have the question of: If I already have html in the header section of a page (where I have, say, an audio player,etc.) where exactly do I add the new html for the header? Before? After?

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One more thing: How do I turn it into a mobile "dropdown" menu for small screens? When I first created the menu, it asked if I wanted horizontal or vertical. Since I chose horizontal, will it not go vertical for mobile? What are my options?

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Tanya Solomon wrote:

... where exactly do I add the new html for the header?
How do I turn it into a mobile "dropdown" menu for small screens?

Regarding the first question, I doubt that the position among the headers makes much difference.

As to the second question, I have done it as follows -
(a) I opened Menu Builder, chose Horizontal Menu, and moved the slider left to 400px.
(b) I clicked on the plus (+) icon at the top left to create a breakpoint there.
(c) I clicked in Design, then Layout, and in the Layout panel clicked on the Menu button under 'Recommended for Small Screens'. Tools > Preview shows that it works OK in a browser.


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Thanks! Just trying to find a 3-bar menu icon now to stick in there!

Last thing. MB screen is not wide enough. Currently I have the buttons as wide as it will go...but as you can see on that page, they are not as wide as my page. How can I change that? They're just too small.

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You could:

Increase the margin between the buttons (and reduce the outside margins),
Increase the padding inside the button,
Increase the font size on the buttons.

One of the above, or all. You just have to play with it and see.
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That will just push the buttons down underneath. The widest size for MB is 898 px (my page/site is at least 1200). Why is that? My pages are much wider. It will never fit! When I increase any of those things, it just pushes one button down...then another.....I need them all in a line. One line :) I really hope that a menu can be larger than 898 px otherwise I just wasted $80!

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I just read on another thread about making MB "full screen"! Well that solved the problem. Now I can make the menu wider. Phew.

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Ach! Now that I'm able to stretch out the menu, the mobile menu no longer is a drop-down (on my phone). It's 3 and 3. But in MB I have the breakpoint at 600 px to go to the mobile view with dropdown. I've re-uploaded the folder and html document. Not sure why it's showing up that way now on the phone. Any ideas?

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Check your phone resolution. You may have to change your breakpoint a little higher for the mobile menu.

Phone resolutions have increased and I had to move a breakpoint on a site.
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