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I have been asked if I can create a Content Management website, any ideas as to what I need to do? Also any help/recommendations re which is the easiest CM software to look at/use would be most seriously, and gratefully accepted.
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I have Coffee Cup RSD ...
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CoffeeCup has not got any CMS web builders. What you can do, is just build a site and then add scripts to parts of the pages that you want to make editable. There are many such scripts, Snippetmaster and Pulse are the ones I can remember off the top of my head.
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First, use htaccess to set the server so that it runs PHP in html pages. You can then use PHP code directly with RSD.

Instead of creating an entire site in RSD, create a template for each layout you will need on the site. For example, you might need one for the homepage, a general layout and a photo gallery.

Export the site.

Using an html editor:
- Put the header in its own file called header.php.
- Put the footer in its own file called footer.php.
- Create a body file for each of the template layouts. (Notes below)
- Create a folder called content.

Each page of the site should have a corresponding content page in the content folder. The content page holds anything that needs to go in the body. You can use PHP here to call data from the CMS database that you set up.

You are now set for creating a CMS. For each page of the site, you can simply include the needed files and the content.

$content_file = 'content/name-of-file.php';
$template_layout = 'template1.php';

In each Body Template, wherever the body content should appear within the layout, add this line of code:


If you'd like help getting this started, my contact info is below.
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Thank you for your ideas, I will take a look into both.
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if your client truly needs a CMS, please have a look at MODX (, my favorite CMS / Content Management Framework. It is sure to work with RSD, since it carefully separates content from presentation. Indeed, its page templates are merely HTML plus related CSS.

I say "truly needs" because your client may not indeed need a CMS. You must read the client's mind to figure out whether he is voicing a true need or is using the term "CMS" to mean something more along the lines of "Web site content flexibility without having to continually pay Sean for updates."

So do try out Brian's idea on your client. if it is satisfactory, it will save you considerable time in otherwise learning how to use a CMS.
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