Can't figure how to get both layouts...

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There seem to be 8 breakpoints, several of which are out of view on my 1960 pixel width screen even when Menu Builder is full screen for me. Deleting the 5 rightmost breakpoints seems to resolve the problem, but does leave some formatting of the button at wide widths to be made..

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Frank, I knew some were out of view but did not realize they would matter. They were from early experimenting. Thanks, I'll give it a try.
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I just got back in here and agree with Frank about the extra breakpoints. Always start at full width and reduce until something needs to be adjusted, then add your first break point.

Give that a try and see if that makes a difference. I have a website I manage and the menu has one break point around 725 px and the full menu has six tabs so you probably won't need as many break points as you think.

Adjust your text size when you need to and you should be OK.

Please let us know how things go.
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Ernie, I reduced the breakpoints to only 2, one at 638 with it set for small screens and the other at 1862 set to large screens. I hate to have to report when I save and then export and display the folder and select the html file I get the same results. It only shows the menus for large screens no matter if slide the browser border as narrow as it will go. My site does function on small screens but selecting menu items can be difficult. I'll sit on it a few days and try again. Not done, just need to clear my head and refocus. Thanks.
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It could be that things really just got out of "whack" there. You might want to just try starting over and put what you learned here into the new menu design. Might keep you from hitting your head against the computer screen. ;)
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Scott, you may be more right than you realize. I took Ernie advice and set one breakpoint at 638 with small screen layout and removed all the others. It worked like a champ after doing that. One breakpoint should do what I need for now but I always have a problem with over doing things.

Everybody thanks for all of your help.


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