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I had to revamp a menu from a couple of years ago. I loaded build 56 and had no end of trouble, from sitting there with the loading bar rolling, to the menu and buttons just not cooperating. Maybe it doesn't like files from build 50. So I went back to build 50. After a frustrating couple of days I am wondering, are there any plans to resolve these issues in the menu builder:

1. It needs to remember where the last project is. There should be a preferences section where you specify things like where you want to start up, or load the last project on startup, and lastly, under file open there should be a list of the last few recent projects.

2. If you go save as to keep an older version, again it wants to save it to the desktop or to My Documents and not the folder where the original was opened.

3. When you export a project it makes you traverse through the whole menu system. A minute later, after tweaking something, you go to export and you go through the whole process again. Seriously, take a look at other Windows software

4. Speaking of tweaking, forget it. The minute you change a sub-menu, add a sub-menu, when you go back to the main menu settings, it has added 2% spacing between the buttons, reset the menu width to 574% and changed some of the other settings.

5. The colour picker needs to be like that of the competitions. It should have an eye-dropper, and swatches, and at least it should remember the last colour it picked. Every time you open it, it defaults to that gross mauve/purpleish colour

6. On the mobile menu when you select all sub menus and adjust the button height and font, the sub-menu buttons that are visible on the screen change, the ones aren't visible don't change and you cannot change them button by button. Or maybe it just doesn't change the last sub-menu's buttons.

7. Ahem... Under File It says Save ......Ctrl-C . The font drop downs have the control icons for spinners not drop downs. Actually, I think all controls have the icons for spinners

These issues make the program very cumbersome and time consuming to work with.

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