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Just purchased the Image Mapper program ... love it BUT
The MouseOver does not work, or at least it does not display any text

On the Help area of the Right Panel under Alt Text you have the work TEXT mis-spelled as TEST

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Hello Edward

I too was looking for it to display text with a Mouse Over but had no luck. If you figure out the solution, will you post it?
Lonnie G.
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I have an idea to improve the image mapper. I would like to see a magic wand or something to mask an image within a picture to surround it automatically. Having a large rectangle around some images is just inconvenient because you may have something within the picture that is long and straight but all of a sudden curves to the left or right. This would cause a large rectangle to be placed around it.

I would like to see a magic wand type of effect that would allow you to select just the image within your picture. Sort of like the Magic Wand effect in
Lonnie G.
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It'd be nice to have the IE compatibility button like you have in other products. I created a mapped image and cut and pasted the code into a page. It opened fine in AOL but not in IE nor Firefox.
Upgrading the user interface to be a little more "windows" like would be good too. Again, compare the interfaces of your newer products with the current design of Image Mapper and see what I mean.
Thanks, Mike B.
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Would like an option to remember the last dir. Please, please, please use the lpstrInitialDir :D .... it is so annoying when working on a site with many images I want to create maps for. If not, the save the last used dir to the MRU
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Nice promotion on this wee programme. I have used it a couple of times in conjunction with a prog. called Panorama Factory. How cool would it be to see an update of Image Mapper that includes stitching images together (both vertically and horizontally), so that my version of Panorama Factory becomes redundant? They don't offer free upgrades, so...
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Been playing around with Image Mapper. No problems with mouse-over text. Uploading was a breeze; just uploaded the complete folder (mapper) with all files generated and renamed the first html file as 'index.html', then went to the url in browser to test.

A few alterations are needed in the program:-

(A) Remembering last folder visited;(No more clicking through folders to find file.)

(B) Centering the page/picture would be good, as it always appears left justified on browser. Couldn't find any way to do this, but I might have missed something.

(C) Also, the ability to change the page title without having to do it manually in a html editor.

Apart from that it's a nice program to work with.
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Well I thought I would put here the 3 things that would make Image Mapper just
spot on in every respect for me...

Customized icon sets and icon size...... Are all forgotten once you exit the program.
No custom toolbar names are remembered either. Only the defaults remain upon a restart...

Could the 'File Open' dialogue be made to remember the last place I opened a file..
As each time I open a file, Image Mapper defaults to a place somewhere different.... A loooooong way away from where my files reside.... The 'Open Recent Files' is a godsend in this respect..

Lastly, if I 'Save' a file, then exit the program, I am always asked if want to save.... Again!
Even though I just did save the file! Any chance this might be sorted out ?

I am using Windows7, 64.......

Its a great little program, and these things can be lived with, just, it would make the program really
neat if they could be updated sometime

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It would be nice if it:
    remembered the load and save folders when the program is closed,

    the program saves code when you tab out of a input field, if a field contains something that is not in code then could it be added to the code when a new shape button is clicked.

    Be able to paste into the code with standard areas, ie button images in the upper left corner.
    The ability to add events for the area.

    URL browse.

    Remember when changes are made and saved so it only asks to save the html file when necessary on exiting.
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It would also be nice if you could load a full webpage edit the image map and then save it back with the changes.

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