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Jo Ann wrote:
Eric Rohloff wrote:
I wish you could record or create macros for coding just like Excel.:)

Wouldn't that be basically using the Snippets section? :)

I see a common post with themes. Everybody wants a theme to be applied to every page. Now the depth of this is what determines how easy it is to change the look of your website. In VSD you can apply default settings for new pages to all your pages but this applies to the length also. I think it would be great to be able to record a macro of you copying lets say a pic and then pasting it into a page. Now select all the pages to run the macro on and it does all the copying and pasting for you. This is at the simplest form. The snippet is a close second but it's not automated. :)
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This is a site I built for my work.(RSD)
This is a site I built for use in my job.(HTML Editor)
This is my personal site used for testing and as an easy way to share photos.(RLM imported to RSD)
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hmm along with that 2nd would also be the Search/Find/Replace which is what I use most for things like that. When I have to do a mass page update I try to find the most common yet complex enough code that is on all pages that I'm going to insert/replace code on. From there I try to include at least 20 characters or 2 lines if possible into the find part. Then insert the code to replace it and do so to replace all. You can do this with pages that are all open or even in a location such as all files inside a specific directory. They don't even have to be open in the program to do this. Works pretty slick and although not quite as easy as a macro would be, it's closer 2nd than the Snippets even lol. Being that it's more automated than the Snippets that is :)

I do agree though for sure, a macro system would be quite handy indeed. It would definitely save time in some areas of the building.
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I had previously posted a comment about the highlighting in the earlier versions. It is horrible. If you move your mouse a hair up or down when you are trying to highlight something, it moves to the next line. On top of that sometimes when you are highlighting a long line of code and you are almost to the end, it will freeze on you and you can't get the rest. You have no choice but to click on your mouse and start over.

Another thing that is annoying is when you have several pages open and you are moving from page to page, you have to click on each page with your mouse to mark the point that you are working on or looking at. If you don't, when you leave each page it returns to the top of the page and then you have to scroll back down. Sometimes I will open a page just to reference a piece of coding and I will go away from that page and go to work on the page I needed the code for. Then I go back to look at the page I opened. I had not clicked anywhere on that page because I just opened it to look at it and now it has moved back to the top page and away from the code I needed to see.

SO, it would be nice if:
a) the Highlighting could be better and
b) the pages would stay put once you opened them
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I would definitely second both of those suggestions myself James. More so for the page position than the highlighting but I've definitely had issues with both of those from day one too so they are good suggestions. Thanks for bringing them up because I always forget lol.
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The ability to select a tag, tag block, or content within a tag block on right click would be a useful feature
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I am a long time user of the HTML Editor, which really helps me edit HTML and CSS.
I am now getting in to PHP development and find there are barely any tools to support that. So I suggest extending the HTML editor with
- PHP syntax checking
- PHP view (requires a PHP engine)
- HTML to PHP conversion tool (add echo " and \n"; and turn any " into \n
- a PHP refrence/help would be appreciated
- maybe you can sell/make available PHP code snippets (form handling, email sending, file upload, ...)

Also the HTML / CSS / PHP (hopefully) code formatting could do with fine tuning options (see unix LINT command)

Best regards

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Snippets... Is there any way to organize them? Let's say into folders? That would help me a lot...
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Coffee Cup featur request

Hi folks,

I typically use a text editor for all kinds of things besides HTML and CSS and any coding. Text files are just as frequent, for notes, data, etc.

I would really like to see a choice on the File menu and the Welcome / Quick Start screen for a New Text File. Currently, I find myself starting a new file, deleting the pre-coded text, and then editing.


I also miss HomeSite's smart tab fill behavior, which DreamWeaver still has. CoffeeCup can be set to use tabs instead of space runs (fills), but its behavior other than for line beginnings in HTML doesn't seem to use tabs, even when set to do so. I find this particularly for CSS, where even line starts seem to use space fills regardless.


I wonder if you folks have considered adding SVG editing features to CoffeeCup's editor, or alternatively, an SVG vector drawing program with an embedded text editor? (Meanwhile, I'm trying to learn Inkscape.)

Thanks very much for considering these requests. I've been using CoffeeCup for about a month now, after getting fed up with Adobe's steep pricing and upgrade policy. I'm finding CoffeeCup is a good alternative. I wish I'd done that instead of my last Adobe upgrade or two.
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I would dearly love to have code folding available for at least html files.

Split screen editing within HTML Editor would be nice as well (think emacs split screen) so that say the top area is xxx.html and the bottom area could be a different area of xxx.html -- BUT it could also be a different file (abc.css) it wouldn't always be pegged to the xxx.html file. This would be a distinct advantage over say MS Visual Developer.

Any way thanks, I do appreciate touches like Snippets and F12 viewer.
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A keyboard shortcut to "delete line" (delete the whole line cursor is on) would be SO useful. I've searched, but can't find this basic shortcut. Code folding would be my 2nd request. All in all, HTML Editor is a very nice package.
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