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In the old DHTML menu builder I was able to create a transparent background for my menu by changing the value of the variable to 'transparent'. In the CSS version it only seems possible to make changes via the CSS menu designer screens (ie changing the saved menu file doesn't seem to have any effect) and there is no 'transparent' option in the colour boxes.

I have tried making the background colours the same as the page background colour, but this has the effect of doubling the colour value (ie in IE and Firefox the menu comes out as a solid box on top of the background colour).

I have searched the forums and can't find a similar problem. Can anyone advise me how to create a transparent menu in CSS Menu Designer? I am using registered versions of the Developer pack products.

Many thanks!
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scan through the css for things like
and try changing them to
the #nnnnnn will be whatever color you set with the menu creator the /* and */ define the start and end of a commented area so it will be ignored and should not paint a color, there will also be colors defined in border values so a little trial and error should find them all.

Color:#nnnnnn is your text color so leave these in.
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Thanks very much for your rapid response. By the CSS, do you mean the .mnu file? If so, I have tried commenting out the 3 tags that relate to the background colour, but the changes don't seem to register in the menu preview (I do save and close the .mnu file). Is there some other file I should be changing? Forgive my ignorance, but this is my first web site job.

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Not the .mmu file, that is just the saved menu project file. What you need to edit is the menu-menu.css file located in the CSS folder.
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That's done it :)

Many thanks for your help!

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