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Add recaptcha v3 and remove v1 since it is no longer supported. Same goes for WFB.
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Tony Walker wrote:
I agree with many on here. It seems form designer has been built for producing nice forms and it does. However it now appears as an afterthought of how the processing scripts should be attached and a tutorial has been produced.
However it is clear that the method provided is illogical, repetitive and time consuming.

The processing script should be produced from within the form designer program and not have to build two forms and make sure the names are the same etc. Totally inefficient and lack forethought.

So like many processing scripts within form designer so only one form has to be produced.

I agree with mostly what is said here. Processing scripts is what made Webform Builder so good. I find that very important updates need to be addressed in Form Designer:
1. Scripts
2. Recaptcha V2, V3
3. Conditional elements
4. Date Time Picker
5. (least important but still a nice upgrade) Multiple Page forms

I know you guys at CC are working very hard. Keep up the good work!
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