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(my post is about Form Designer)

Hello Friends.

11/16/19 “Big news about Email Designer…” Okay, Got it.
Happy to learn that somebody is working furiously on making all products look the same as Site Designer.
Probably mentioned if previous posts that I have been a fan & customer since the 90’s.

2/19/19 I posted that my confidence had been renewed regarding Hans informing that CC had a prototype backend for Form Designer and that it would probably take at least 2-3 months to implement it.

It had long been my practice to jump on new CC offerings as soon as they became available…this because product had been reasonably priced, functional, and somewhat intuitive. And, on the few occasions where I was disappointed, I worked to ask questions or otherwise figure it out. I went out of my way to NOT b**** about it.

My patience and, I guess you could say, loyalty have begun to fade. I have already begun to research alternatives to Form Designer. Having 2 forms products; Web Form Builder and Form Designer, only one of which works doesn’t make sense to me. I just don’t have time to jump through multiple hoops to achieve what I thought I was purchasing back when Form Designer was introduced.

In all honesty I look forward to the day when again I may continue my old practice of just buy CC product without having to worry about encountering a similar experience as I have with Form Designer…but until that time I won’t be adding any new products (to include Email Designer V4) unless they are delivered free of charge until they function as expected. This IMHO is how Form Designer should have been introduced.

My apologies to anyone that may take my comments other than how intended—as a (really) small businessperson I just to look at things like I would my own and that includes critical observations as well as accolades.

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Hello David !

When you say - "hello friends" - I am hoping you are still including the coffeecup people .... or am I misinterpreting your forum post ? :D

I am sorry to hear that you are disappointed in us. We do not do that on purpose, I promise. I can also assure you that we are not resting on our coffeecup laurels, and we take your feedback very personal.

So, having said that, I am not sure how to reply to your disappointment, other than that we are working on:

a) allowing Form Designer to open your existing Web Form Builder project so you can re-style it the Form Designer way
b) working on the back end architecture to be included in Form Designer so the product becomes "whole"

Since you are a small business owner (we are not big either) you may also have an appreciation of how much time and effort is needed to get things right. I would be sad to see you go to another form builder platform, but I would understand.

So, now I am going back to work so our customers can keep getting fresh updates to our software.

Thanks for your feedback David and have a great day.

sincerely yours,


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