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Yeah.. I've done this before..

I used to work on clients #1's site on their laptop..

Worked on clients #2 site on my pc.

client #1 wanted me to start running the site from my pc..

I created a new profile for Client#1

When I was ready to make upload the new changes after downloading the whole site to my pc.. guess which site got uploaded? I almost walked away during the process..and that would have been BAD.. luckily I saw what was happeneing and made the proper fixes with my FTP software.

The client#1 site is too big.. and will timeout so I must FTP the "files" folder and html pages manually.. cause it wants to reload every gallery I have since March '09.. and that's almost average of 200 pics per day.. 6 albums per gallery and 4-5 galleries a month..

So.. I agree with Chad on this..
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The client#1 site is too big.. and will timeout so I must FTP the "files" folder and html pages manually.. cause it wants to reload every gallery I have since March '09.. and that's almost average of 200 pics per day.. 6 albums per gallery and 4-5 galleries a month..

I have had this exact problem many times but CC technicians have been unable to replicate it. I manage a web site that has PDF newspaper archives going all the way back to 2006 and VSD likes to re-upload ALL the files each time I re-install the software. It's an 8-10 hour upload so it has to run over night. That wouldn't be a big deal EXCEPT for the fact that VSD displays a prompt after the upload that, if not answered, short-circuits the upload. Last time this happened it took me over two weeks to finally get this clients site back online. My boss came VERY close to forcing me to find another web design software, but I told him that the benefits of VSD far outweigh its flaws. :D
Chad Spillars
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I've mentioned this before but has there been any updates to VSD to fix text wrapping . I see the text wrapping on my site and my son's site when I Iook at the sites on my I-phone. A friend who has done I-phone apps tells me to create a table for the text and this wlll fix the text wrapping issue. How can I create a table for the text?
I have to say thanks to Coffecup because I've been able to create a great site that is helping me close sales with high end customers. My son just did a photo shoot with Sperry Topsiders and the person who hired him said the website had convinced her to hire him and his boat.

Waldo Tejera
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My biggest complaint about VSD is that is doesn't work like a word processor. For example I have to add updates to the top of my pages and in order to do so I have to move everything else on the page down and usually lengthen the page. This is very frustrating. Am I missing something here or is this really the way it works?

Marilyn near Las Vegas - VSD, CCD pro, SCC pro (web graphics) (travel photos)
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Along with Marilyn's suggestions, I would to have more control in the text boxes in VSD.

I would like to see bullets with choices of bullet styles. Also, when you use bullets, it would be great if the bulleted text acts like in MS: the second line in the bulleted text would automatically align under the first letter of the bulleted text in the first line. I actually copy & Paste a bullet from Word and have a difficult time keeping my margins straight in my bulleted text.

I would also like to be able to tab more than one space after a word for indented paragraphs.

Also, could there be an option in mouseover text to justify the text alignment: left, right, top, bottom, center. When mouseover text is on a picture, it is hard to read since it is in the center of the picture.

By the way, great job adding the help pdf file!


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Is there a way to lock (and unlock again) the position of elements on a page?

I have layers with text boxes on top, and often when I want to move the text box, I grab the underlying element instead (thank goodness for undo lol).

I know it takes a few milliseconds longer to confirm what I have actually selected but hey I am impatient.

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Looks like I found sort of a solution - Grouping objects then copy/paste to every new page so they all look the same

- Ok it still doesnt stop me shifting the base grouped object when I put stuff on top then click on the wrong thing to move lol - but it makes it easier to work with parts that arent going to change throughout the site.:D
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When opening an existing vnu file, I would like the program to open the same way it was closed - i.e. all windows arranged in the same way. If this is already possible, i'd appreciate if someone could please let me know how to make it happen. Thanks.
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What might help the page shifting problem in VSD would be to have tables included as an option. It might also fix some of the text flowing issues that sometimes occur from browser to browser.

Also, it would be great to have the capability to have text auto-wrap around photos. I figure if you could insert a photo into a text box (or table cell), then have text flow options available when you do so in one way or another (as opposed to just placing a photo on the page and then positioning text boxes around it), that would be pretty handy.

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A way to lock objects so I dont keep moving the wrong one please please please Colin

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