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Make Web Form Builder forms visible and editable in VSD. I've gone back-and-forth as many as four times (at a time) to get everything to look right. Each time I have to: open WFB, make the change, go to VSD, delete the flash element, create a new flash element, pick the saved WFB file, re-position the ugly grey box, render to the preview window for verification...repeat. Not a productive approach. If I can see and edit WFB from within VSD think about the time saved! :cool:
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Allow relative/equidistant spacing. You sort of have it with guides but why not let me move 1st item and last item to proper horizontal/vertical location and then everything in-bewteen is evenly spaced (on center). Could do the same thing for "packing" items right-edge-to-left-edge (or top-to-bottom) as well.
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I love this program, but a few suggestions.

1. Already mentioned, Lock Objects.

2. Global link fonts is great, but when you want white for your dark footer, and then a link in your white page, it doesn't work too well. An ability to either switch off global link colors, and or allow font color change as in SCC Pro. I have to use HTML to change the color at the moment, unless I'm missing something.

Thanks for the great program. :)
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I'd really like to have the ability in VSD to vary the line spacing in a block of text. The standard line spacing is too tight.
CoffeeCup's own web site, which is a great example of good website design, benefits nicely from good line spacing in its text. Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't think this can be achieved in VSD without resorting to inserting blocks of HTML code.

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IDK if these have been posted yet.. but here it goes.

• .PNG support would be amazing!
• SpellCheck (I am terrible at spelling) lol
• "Objects" have the a regular color and also a "hover" color. I have tried the mouse hover thing, and it changes my whole object.

That is it off the top of my head for now.

Thanks! :)
Started 9/8/2011
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Effects Properties... Shadow and Bevel. Would be good if it would remember last use setting. I have just decided I would like a shadow on 18 boxes all with the same (but different from default) offset/ softness/ opacity. On each box it returns to default.
Also good if you could write in the degrees and percentages as an extra if the above was not possible. My hands are shakier than they used to be and difficult to get the same settings I want each time using the clock and slider.
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The more I use VSD, the more I develop a love/hate relationship with it. I love the ability to design visually, the way I used to do when I was designing printed publications. I love the simplicity, and I actually love how clean a code it generates (usually WYSIWYG editors generate nasty code). However, I hate it when I try to do something and find that I can't do it with the features VSD offers.

So here, now, is my list of "you could make my life a LOT easier" requests...

1) Master pages. Every desktop publishing software I've ever used offers master pages. And VSD really works very similarly to a desktop publishing software (which is why I love it so much). But the lack of master pages really hurts it's functionality. If you've got a 30 page web site and you want to add a new link to your main menu, that means 30 pages to edit to make that happen. Yikes! These days, almost all web sites are designed with the same header and navigation on every page - so why not have the ability to set master pages? Something as seemingly simple as linkifying your main menu is very difficult because you can't create the internal links until the pages to be linked to actually exist, but once you've created all those pages now you have to go back and linkify every menu image on every page. Yikes!

2) The ability to hand-edit within HTML generated by the program. As an example... I had developed a web site and I desperately wanted to put javascript tooltips (you know - those things where you hover your mouse over a link in a block of text, and a little box pops up with information). I got the script working fine, and had no trouble using it in hand coding, but as soon as I tried to use it in my VSD-generated site, I discovered there was no actual way to put the required bits of javascript references into the VSD-generated href tags for each underlined link. I even tried pulling the page up in a text editor, adding the stuff I needed to add, and then re-saving it, but VSD just stripped it out again as soon as I loaded the page back into VSD to make other edits or changes. It would be really nice to have a little button to push that could load a text editor to add stuff by hand if you chose that VSD would then recognize as being ok to be in there.

3) Background color AND background image! You'd think this is fairly basic, but apparently it's not. The setting screen where VSD allows you to set your background makes you choose between a background color and a background image. Why? Basic HTML allows you to insert both (i.e. "body background="blah.jpg" bgcolor="#00000") and I'm sure there is a way to do it with CSS too. The reason this is important is that if you have a dark color background image, then the background color should be a dark color too. I have a dark color background image, but because I can't define both background color and a background image at the same time, the background if the image doesn't load just shows up white. Not good.

There are other little things, but those seem to be the big three for me.

Thanks for listening!
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Now what I came here to say was :: In VSD Edit key words and description, could the two buttons

edit current page,,,, apply to all pages,,,, be made two different colours

ie green for edit current page & red for apply to all pages.

Its a pain hitting the wrong button and having to go back through 30 pages and edit all my keywords and headings, because I made a simple mistake.
Started using CC VSD in January 2009, I don't do HTML code, Sales from CC site exceeding expectations taken me out of semi-retirement
My new VSD & SCCP site Oct 2011
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I tried to read through all the postings to see if anyone mentioned Heading tags, like H1, H2, etc. I know I can do this by coding using the html took, but it would be cool not to have to do that. Is this a possibility?
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The add files works well but in the case of forms created with the form builder for instance
I can add form.php to the root. simple, now if I understand it, if I also added the form folder structure it would also work however there are folders within folders which makes the process lengthy.

My present method is to zip up the form folder and form.php file and use C panel to upload and extract on the server. FTPing takes forever one file at a time, even though the folder is selected and transfered

If it where possible to include the folder which also included the sub folders it contained, which could be zipped, uploaded and unzipped in the destination folder
| form.php
Form (Be able to add a folder complete, all files being transferred that way)
Folder containing all the form files zipped up on selection

This would make it so easy to upload without having to do it by a seperate ftp or copy method
The Guy from OZ

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