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charlette hutton wrote:
I never had HTML editor on my computer until today when purchased by mistake. I've always had the VSD green icon with the graphing tools. At the top of the menu there was a simple prompt and you put the URL in. I notice in HTML Editor you have a screen that takes up half the page and there proxies, options, and other hula. The other format in VSD was simpler, you input the URL, and watched it all load visually in VSD. You could also then DRAG and DROP this person's website, play with the graphics, make icons bigger or smaller from the visual side. This from what I have seen in HTML editor is not possible (correct me if wrong) unless you go into the code and tweak with it. You can't drag or drop their webpage in any form. I liked my old VSD because if I needed rounded corners I could take a sample website, play with sizes, change the colors and add to my website. So, I'm currently trying to find older versions since maybe that's what I had.

VSD has NEVER had that ability. It is actually impossible to open an existing website in the software. The feature you are describing is called Open From Web and that came with our HTML Editor. Visual Site Designer does not nor ever did have that feature. Trust me, I know. ;)

Our HTML Editor does come with a visual editing component. You maybe getting that confused with Visual Site Designer.

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vsd is only editor used. i looked up my website. i built my website basically taking and modifying shapes since at the time I did not know how to use the shapes tool that well. my entire site was built on this function.

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build 19 was what i used, the bought today is 24...and there was no other editor, it was all VSD

i can't be confusing other programs if i've never used them before.
tired of this tho...not trying to argue with you i know its annoying... thanks for your help.

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I suggest that the top and left position of an object is shown in the 'Object Properties'
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Good call on text wrapping. I'd love to have text wrap also. Is it possible to be able to choose font sizes vs having to use the predetermined sizes? If not, it would be an important one on my wishlist.
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Not sure if this has been mentioned or not?

But please please add a Table tool so that you can create a table on a page & select how many rows & columns.
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How about this:

A WYSISYG program that will create web/tablet/mobile friendly sites using the latest HTMLX specs, abilty to single-click tags for social networking sites, place anything anywhere and have text align with the objects intuitively, have non-standard fonts rendered into graphics, placeholders for things like dropdown menus from AllWebMenus or other third party sw - in other words, a real web site builder for today and into tormorrow. For that, I'm willing to spend some money.
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I'd like to see Master Template pages. While copy-paste functionality is useful for small web sites with basic/simple changes, it doesn't really relieve the pain of updating multiple pages for a large site. Providing a Master Template capability would allow a single page change, and every page that references that Master would automatically inherit the change.

To really be useful, each page should be able to assign which Master Template it references in case you have different styles, types of pages or areas on your web site.

This will be especially useful as sites expand and get "old" over time. The fastest way to give the site a refresh is with a Master Template approach. While a major web site overhaul might still require touching every page, for simple stuff, say moving menus around or changing some text or images that appear on every page, having to edit each page individually seems a bit insane.

There are competing products that offer Master Template functionality but I like how VSD works and I don't know if those other systems have all the functionality I've come to appreciate in VSD. What do you say? Seems like a huge productivity tool.

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1. Ability to lock an object.

2. Ability to align center.
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Ability to "lock" the grid. The grid is useful for positioning items but frequently whn I make a selection I inadvertently grab one of the grid lines and move that instead. The grid shouldn't move. Individual guidelines should be moveable but when using the full grid option then the individual lines of the grid should be locked (or lockable).
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Locking elements to relative locations on the page. I would like to "lock" my footer bar to the bottom of the page so if I need to make the page longer the footer automatically moves with it. Same with locking items to left or right or top of page. (Although things at the top typically stay put. ;))

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