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It would be nice if there was an option to "Tick To Publish/Not Publish" on the page properties, so that you can choose if you don't want a specific page not to publish.
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It would be nice to lock objects so you don't accidentally move them when editing.
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I'd also like to see transparent images show their transparencies in design mode. Thanks.
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A Spell Checker would be useful too
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+1 on spellcheck, since I suck so bad at spelling.
sometimes I get all the letters, but put them in the wrong order.. duuuulexia, or maybe just bad typing, brain to keyboard connection has a loose screw.

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Hi Scott,

I am using VSD in combination with website access manager.
In website access manager it is easy to secure one folder. To access pages in this folder you need to do a login.
If it was possible to chose a subfolder to put my safe pages in VSD it should be great. Then I could put my new pages that I want to secure in this folder.
Now I have to secure every single page instead of just secure one folder.
Website access manager supports this but not VSD.
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They only way you can do this is to design two websites. Your primary one which you access now and another website that you upload to a sub-folder on the same server. You will then password protect the new sub-folder.
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Zac wrote:
I want to be able to use another image for mouseover, rather than having to change the html myself. ;)

Hi Zac, you can do this. Choose mouseover>mouseover object. Then choose fill and fill the mouseover object with another image...

Success, John
John van Hulst
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Not sure if the has been mentioned but I would live to see the Icons across the top and down the side a lot smaller or at leat the option to have the icons smaller,

I think for new users and beginners its great to have the larger icons but for people who have been using VSD for some time they just don't need to be that big plus the extra space on the page would be a help...

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All of this has already been said but I wanted to put my vote in for:

1) auto page size/length
2) master template
3) single page upload
4) horizontal "show page" so that more pages will show without scrolling

Thanks for a great product,

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