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In the links section of your web site (which I found to be incredibly interesting and awe-inspiring) you said something which is very significant and which we should all bear in mind...
Before I start touring anywhere I turn to the internet for
information. Listed below are some of my favorite blogs and
websites. Often I have used blogs to help decide where to go next
or what gear to buy. There is a ton of great information about
travel and bike touring on the internet.

Obviously your comment revolves around your own particular interest, but it should be a sound reminder to those of us who build sites that we have a certain responsibility towards potential users who are looking for information and authoritative responsible answers to their questions. Your own health situation is also a reminder that not everyone (yours is a luckier case) can use the computer hardware in exactly the same way and so should be able, as far as possible, to have alternatives which allow them to enjoy what internet has to offer in the same way as any able bodied user.

Thanks for bringing your unusual experiences in here to share.
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I'm no expert which is why I love VSD

Here is my site, would love any feedback

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Well for someone who is not an expert you have certainly put together a very professional looking site!
I just wonder if you should make some of the light grey text a little darker to get a bit more contrast in there against the light background.

Nice work indeed.
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Very nice site rix, I would also agree with Janys that a little darker gray on the text would be more readable. :)
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nice site, very well done :)
Volunteering to help :)
My HTML play area
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To be a little more specific, where I most notice the lighter gray colour text is in the horizontal menu. It looks as if you have come up against that universal problem of what colour to give all the different phases of your links... the link, the hover, the visited etc. I like varying tones of grey too, but you might need to make the link just a little darker, or maybe moving towards one of the other colours you already have on the site so as you maintain that nice colour harmony you have achieved.
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Yes very nice, full of content and appears authoritative but in a easy to use way. However I am having problems with it with Firefox 3.6.8 and IE8. There is text overrun on most of the pages I reviewed. See the attached gifs for examples.
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This is a pretty basic site and I realize I have some inconsistencies, I started updating basic page layout to a new format half way through, but I am certainly interested in whatever suggestions you all may have as this is my first shot at a website.

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Site looks nice William, but I would make one very large suggestion. Put your gallery on a separate page other than your home page as it loads much slower and your visitors may not wait for it to load if they aren't on a fast connection. Putting it on a separate page called Gallery, or Artwork or whatever means if they go there they are expecting to be delayed for a few moments while it loads. On the home page, people aren't quite so patient :)
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Nice site, William. Used to live in Downers Grove on Belmont Road many, many moons ago.

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