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Please be kind...
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Hiya Robert,

Pretty nice site, only thing I see missing is a Home button on your menu to get back to the home page, and actually it's kind of missing a home page since the home and the services are the same page. Other than that it's nicely done, good job :)
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Looks like the "Services" button is the home page link, ought to say Home though.
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This is my first site using VSD and other coffee cup tools so any feedback would be very much appreciated!

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I'm not digging the dark greys making the site too dark. I think it needs constrast. Especially the black text on dark gray background. And it's kind of weird how the navigation is in the header, body, and footer of the site - especially the header. Just my opinion, though. If you like it, that's cool. :)
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Hi Big Daddy,
Personally I quite like the navigation spread over the header body and footer, it may not suit the rules of web design but rules are made to be broken.
The text to me is blue on the dark background and looks good.
One error I did find is on the vinyl fence page where the download button sits over the text, not a great problem but a little messy.
You could put the two buttons side by side if you don't want to alter the page length.

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I like it Big Daddy,

I'm not sure if you've already changed some things according to the feedback, but if not it looks just fine right now as for colors and such. I see lots of nice contrast there.

Only thing I would suggest is that you put a separator image between the 2 sections of the menu under the header area that go from service to products links so it's a little more apparent what that extra space is there for. Otherwise it looks like you added too much space there accidently :)

Looks good to me otherwise, nice job :)
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This is our new wine brokerage site: In general, I'm very happy with how VD allowed me to play with the layout until I got what I wanted.

A few thoughts on the layout:
1. Yellow orange colors are tricky to maintain consistent subtle hues. On my wife's notebook, for example, this looks too brown.

2. The dual menu system is a pain to maintain among all the pages. Any change means I have to manually copy it over, and then edit them individually to show the current page as the default. Frames would solve this, but in general, I'm not a fan of frames because of search engine issues as well as editor issues. A better solution found in MS Publisher app - child tables inherit objects from master pages. So put your menus on the master page and they are automatically pushed to child pages. VSD - please copy that feature!!!

3. Because VSD can't handle tables, I have to iframe in an html page exported from excel. Not a great solution, because of caching with iframe and with VSD, you basically have to manually handle iframe sizing issues.

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Hiya Garrett,

Nice site so far, I am going to assume you're not fully complete with it yet since none of the "View" links on your Wine List pages work. All the links are still looking for the files on your computer directly instead of on your server.

I agree on the tables issue, although I don't use the program, I'm hoping it's something they add in the future since so many have commented on that missing component. But..

One of the things many have done is used the HTML Editor (or your favorite code editor) and created the tables they want in there and then inserted that code into VSD via the HTML Tool. That might help your situation with the tables problem.

Not much else I can recommend, the issue with menus and other components of a website happen both in VSD and in code editors so theres only a few ways to fix that, 2 of them being Server Side Includes or PHP Includes, both of which you'd have to manipulate the files after making your changes in VSD each time. An extra step, but might be faster and easier future editing than editing each page once you have it all setup. Something to consider I guess.

Good luck on the business, looks pretty nice :)
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Thanks, Jo Ann. And thanks for catching the links problem - I keep forgetting that Exel does not use relative links.
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