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Twinstream wrote:
Aaron wrote:
Not 100% complete yet, and the domain is still propagating.... Should be up within the next 15 hours though.

Well done ! Nice clean open feel and great layout information.....

Thank you!
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Inger wrote:

When opening the link, I see no navigation. I have to click on the logo top left to get to the start page WITH navigation.

A bug - or a feature? ;)

Neither, only a step in between … You have seen the finished site yet. :D
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Actually you´ll find my work here:
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(feel free to enter the prize draws, only if you are a UK resident). First attempt with RBB besides a simple coming soon page - a few lessons learnt for next time, particularly streamlining styles (types/classes/IDs)! Sitemap etc to think about now...
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Jeff wrote:
Well, I guess I'll be the first one to post a site here!

I've been in the process of reworking my (very) old personal works site. I was planning on using Foundation Framer but stared with Bootstrap Builder after the beta came out. It seems that at this point RBB allows for more div embed levels than RFF which helped a bit during the rebuild.

I used Responsive Content Slider for the showcase and also used a few scripts. I still have a few areas to update but for the most part it's all done.

Hey was looking at the websites that were built with BB to see what they can do and noticed that your website is all messed up when viewed thru IE 11 but looks great with Chrome, FireFox and Edge??????

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