Use any font on your website.

Add Flair to Your Website With Unique Fonts.

Back in the not-so-good ol’ days of web design, there were only a few fonts that webmasters could count on to display correctly on their visitors’ computers. Using stylish, non-web-safe fonts wasn’t an option — a shame, because interesting fonts add character and style to your website.

But now you can say goodbye to those boring web-safe fonts. With CoffeeCup Website Font, you can convert all sorts of cool fonts to Flash, which means they’ll always display correctly, regardless of which fonts your visitors have installed on their computers. So say goodbye to Times New Roman and Comic Sans. Now your fonts can be as unique as the rest of your website!

Custom Fonts That Always Display Correctly.

Website Font utilizes the latest technology to create custom fonts that show up in every browser on every computer. How does it work? First, choose a cool font from your computer, a font foundry online, or from the ones included with Website Font. Next, customize it in Website Font. When it looks just the way you want, all that’s left is to paste a little code — provided for you, of course — into your webpage. That’s it!

Easily Customize Fonts to Fit Your Website.

Website Font gives you a wide array of effects that you can use to craft the perfect font style. Add a drop shadow for depth, create a bevel effect for texture, or make your text glow. Best of all, you have control over all aspects of the effects — color, positioning, opacity, and more. If you’ve created a set of effects you really like, go ahead and save it so you can use it again. With the click of a button, you can import effects from other locations on your computer or export the currently selected effect set to a different location. This makes it easy to share effect sets with your fellow web designers.

Introducing sIFR Font Maker

Introducing sIFR Font Maker: This nifty little program converts any font saved on your computer to SWF. Just choose the font you want to convert, specify which characters you want to include, and tell the program where to save the file. Then you can open it up in Website Font and start customizing.

Easily Add Fonts To Your Pages

Easily Add Fonts To Your Pages: You’ve created the perfect fonts… now what? With Website Font, all you have to do is click a button, and a helpful screen will appear with all the directions you’ll need. The whole process of applying your fonts to your site is demystified!

Fine-Tune Your Text

Fine-Tune Your Text: The Website Font workspace gives you plenty of options for adjusting the size, color, alignment, and style of your Flash fonts.

No Lame Fonts

No Lame Fonts: We partnered up with our favorite font foundries, like Baseline and Bayfonts, to bring you a bunch of awesome fonts you’ll actually want to use on your website.

Predefined Effects

Predefined Effects: When we created the cool new effect options, we couldn’t help ourselves; we just had to try them out. The result is a long list of cool predefined effects for you to use on your site — or for inspiration.

Foresight Is 20-20

Foresight Is 20-20: Website Font 4.0 gives you two options for previewing your fonts. You can see how they’ll look in a browser, or you can use the Preview My Webpage tool to make sure they work in the context of your website.

  • More reasons to love Free Website Font
  • Website Font comes with its own set of custom fonts, but you can also import and customize additional font files.
  • Converts non-web-safe fonts to Flash so they always display correctly on any browser and any computer. This means you can use any font you want on your website.
  • Apply your custom fonts to your HTML headers.
  • Text you put in your Flash fonts can still be indexed by search engines.
  • Customize your font size, color, style, and alignment, and apply special effects.
  • The built-in preview function lets you keep an eye on your fonts as you customize them.
  • Apply drop shadow, bevel, and glow effects to your fonts. If you've created a cool combination of these three effects, you can save it for later use.

Now that’s a cool app!

And it’s totally free. Now how cool is that?