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Hello All,
The new CoffeeCup Website Font is groovy


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Yeah, isn't it? :)
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Can someone tell me how to use the font I downloaded? How do I get them to work?

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You may want to click on profile and change your forum name to something other than your email address. No need to make things easy for the spammers.

There are videos you can watch and help files here on the CoffeeCup website at

Check those files, and if you still have problems, let us know.

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You can also use our converter
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I purchased some web-ready (pre-converted) fonts from a while ago and need help with the two programs. I've tried importing the xml file of each with Website Font, but the response was, "0 effects have been imported...could not import." I also tried converting other non-ready files with sIFR Font Maker to xml or whatever the other extension is and that didn't work, either. Will be really cool when I understand every step!

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Aha! Just noticed in Website Font two import buttons. The one to the right (which worked) says Import Fonts. One step down!

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Now I need help with the instructions given in Website Font for using the converted font in a website. I don't think I understand them at all. Have tried to use them but with no luck.

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Hi Jennifer,
maybe this can help you on your way.
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that link requires a username and password. can you tell us what they are?

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